CH-Race-Control Team Associated B74 4wd Buggy Stock Kit

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Have the newest ride on the track with the CH-Race-Control Team Associated B74 4wd Buggy Stock Kit. This kit comes with everything you need to be compettive in 4wd stock buggy racing. The Hobbywing 13.5 control motor that we have selected can be used at any Australian 4wd stock sanctioned events. Many of the products we have selected for this build we use in our own personal RC cars.


Whats comes in the kit

  • 1x Team Associated B74 4WD Buggy
  • 1x Hobbywing XR10 justock Stock
  • 1x Hobby wing G3 13.5 Brushless motor
  • 1x sesor cable for motor and esc
  • 1x Intellect 4200mah 7.4v shorty lipo
  • 1x set front and rear wheels
  • 1x set of proline tires to suit your track of choice ( we will select the tire that we think works best)
  • 1x pinion gear for stock racing
  • 1x Savox SA-1258TG Standard Digital "High Speed" Titanium Gear Servo
  • 1x flysky GT3B Remote control and receiver
  • 1x 240v/12v lipo balance charger (fast charge)
  • 1x charge leads and plugs
  • 1x lipo safe bag
  • 1x mylaps RC4 transponder


Items required

  • tools for building
  • glue
  • grease
  • green slime
  • everything else is included.

Team Associated B74 4WD Buggy

Team Associated is proud to introduce the newest 1:10 scale 4WD electric off-road buggy kit, the RC10B74!

The off-road RC car racing scene has taken a turn over the past couple years, with turf and carpet racing becoming more popular and grip levels at an all-time high. The engineers inside Team Associated's Area 51 were quick to address this trend in the 4WD class with the RC10B74 Team Kit. This completely new chassis design, equipped with a long list of features, is designed to give you the winning edge.

Competition levels are more extreme than ever, with several manufacturers producing competitive racing platforms. The RC10B74 was designed with focus on performance and durability. New features like the easy-access, quick-change differential height make tuning for different track surfaces and ride heights quicker than ever. 7075-T6 aluminum bulkheads and arm mounts provide precision and durability, while the updated shocks with increased stroke length allow for more consistent jumping and landing. Also included, an all new rear hub assembly with a modular vertical ball stud mount and axle height insert system to allow the finest roll center adjustments possible. With many other new features, the RC10B74 Team Kit gives you all the performance and adjustability necessary to keep you racing at the front of the pack.

Features of the RC10B74


  • 2mm hard-anodized 7075-T6 aluminum chassis provides improved flex characteristics and minimal mass
  • 2.5mm graphite center bulkhead brace for improved stiffness and reduced mass


  • Ball bearing raced 7075-T6 aluminum steering rack and composite steering bellcranks with 2.5mm graphite input arm offers optimized Ackermann and adjustable steering rate
  • New steering blocks with larger outer ball bearing and increased bearing spacing for improved durability

Diffs and Slipper

  • Quick-change adjustable differential height with 7075-T6 aluminum bulkheads. Four independent front and rear diff heights possible.
  • Easy-access differentials for worry-free maintenance and adjustment
  • Fluid-filled gear differentials with machined ring gears, front and rear
  • Updated 3-pad slipper assembly allows use of center differential without changing center bone length


  • Optimized suspension arm geometry with improved durability and stiffness
  • New symmetric rear arms with improved geometry can be flipped to allow a "split" for rear shock mounting position
  • 7075-T6 aluminum arm mounts with optimized roll center positions use inserts, which allow fine tuning for a large range of anti-squat, kick-up, and toe adjustments
  • Common front and rear anti-roll bars to minimize spare part count
  • Anti-roll bar sets for both carpet/turf and dirt included


  • 4mm graphite shock towers front and rear for improved stiffness and durability
  • V2 12mm Big Bore threaded aluminum shock with X-rings for low friction assembly
  • New shock lengths front and rear with longer stroke allows increased droop and up-travel for more consistent jumping and landing
  • Machined shock pistons for more precise fit and smoother operation
  • V2 12mm shock springs for lower achievable ride height and more nimble feel

Other Features

  • CVA assemblies for center drive-line with aligned shafts for minimal torque loss and improved efficiency
  • New rear hub assembly with modular vertical ball stud camber link mounts and axle height system for precise roll center adjustments
  • Outer rear hinge pins captured with bolt head and lock nut for increased durability
  • 7075-T6 aluminum motor mount and 7075-T6 aluminum center bulkhead have increased rigidity to maintain more accurate gear mesh
  • New 2.5mm graphite battery strap with sliding support tabs for fine tuning battery position (accepts any R.O.A.R. approved 2S "shorty" packs)
  • 7075-T6 aluminum 9 degree caster blocks
  • "Floating" servo mount with 7075-T6 aluminum mount and 2.5mm graphite brace
  • Factory Team ball bearing set with 26 precision ball bearings, now oiled instead of greased for more efficient drivetrain
  • Aluminum clamping wheel hexes, front and rear
  • Lightweight clear body and clear wing included

Hobbywing XR10 justock Stock

The Hobbywing Xerun XR10 Justock Speed Control Black is specifically designed for Zero-timing racing. Its timing system has been set to ZERO degree. Using the same branded motor and winding will ensure that every racer will have the same power system for 100% fair and competitive racing in stock class.

The modified heatsink, which increases the surface area, combined with the HOBBYWING patented copper heat-conductive plates which are attached to the MOSFET board allows the internal heat to be quickly transferred to the heatsink for dissipation. With the high-performing detachable cooling fan, a highly reliable heat transfer system for maximum cooling is accomplished.

Reliable hardware combined with advanced software technology allows the XR10 JUSTOCK to not only provide high power output, but also overload protection of the ESC circuit.

This ESC is designed for 1/10th scale touring cars & 1/12th scale pan cars as well as the ever popular F1 series cars for all Zero-timing spec racing, example the ROAR Sportsman class. When pairing this ESC with a 32T motor it will also form a professional and ideal combo for rock crawlers.

HobbyWing XeRun XR10 Justock Features:

    High Reliability & Durability
    Zero-timing Design
    High efficient Heat Dissipating System
    Small Footprint
    Regular Firmware Updates - Free of Charge
    Single-button Programming & Factory Reset

Spec Check:

    Scale: 1/10th
    Sensored/Sensorless: SD
    Waterproof: No
    Cont./Peak Current: 60A/380A
    Input: 2-3S LiPo/6-9 Cells NiMH
    BEC Output: Linear Mode:6V/2A
    Input Wires: Blue-14AWG-200mm*1/Black-14AWG-200mm*1
    Output Wires: Red-14AWG-200mm*1/Yellow-14AWG-200mm*1/Orange-14AWG-200mm*1
    Input Connectors: No
    Output Connecotors: No
    Fan Size: 25x25x10mm
    Fan Voltage Range: 5-8.4V
    WiFi Module: Supported
    Size: 33.0x28.0x31.5mm
    Weight: 46g


Hobby wing Xerun G3 V10 13.5T motor


sesor cable for motor and esc

Hobbywing 200mm Sensor cable is ideal for large rc cars that use a sensored brushless system

  • 200mm long
  • high qulaity


The Nvision Factory Pro Lipo 4500 100C 7.4V 2S Short packs are made by Team Orion. These packs are great for high performance Rc On road and off road vehicles.



For 2019 are Intellect's range of awesome LiPo batteries! The new LiHV HV4 will display a higher voltage and power than 2018 models.

Bench-marked against other leading brands, Intellect batteries provide higher performance for the same specification of battery.

2019 batteries are all Silicon-Graphene based LiHV. Silicon Graphene packs have improved cycle time when charged at 1C rates and can be charged at a higher C rating, with less risk of damage to the pack. LIHV technology has the ability to be charged to 4.35v per cell, but normal racing regulations allow up to 4.2v so LIHV are much safer.

To address market demands 2 options nominally are available Hi Power and Long RunTime.

BRCA/EFRA Legal as of April 2019


  • Long Runtime
  • 18.5H x 47W x 93L mm
  • 4200mAh
  • 120C
  • 155g
  • 5mm Plugs

Connectors and balance lead supplied.

Read all instructions before use.

Proline wheels

Pro-Line has you covered with lightweight and durable 4wd front and rear racing wheels for the Team Associated B64 buggy. The Wheels feature the latest in style and performance that will make your buggy look good racing around the track. The wheels are slightly stiffer than the stock wheels which provide more consistent bump handling performance and faster lap times. The stock B64 wheels have been in short supply since launch, but now that Pro-Line’s got you covered you no longer have to worry about finding wheels! Order yours today!

Proline tires

Proline Hole Shot 2.0 2.2" M3 Soft are a must have tire in any true racers pit bag.

  • High quality
  • works on most track surfaces
  • sticky compound
  • great value

This is a pair of Hole Shot 2.0 2.2" Off-Road Buggy Tires. The Hole Shot is the tire that everyone turns to when looking for an edge over the competition because it just works, everywhere. Period. The Hole Shot is renowned across the world as one of the most used race tires of all time. From World Championships to National Championships, Regional race events to club race events, the Hole-Shot design has won just about every title imaginable. Pro-Line's development staff is now proud to announce the Hole Shot 2.0. The 2.0 version features more pins and a wider contact patch for insane amounts of traction. The unique mini-pin design gives the optimum level of traction in dusty, hard-packed and grooved conditions. The Hole Shot 2.0 is a must have tire in everyone’s racing arsenal, so get some today!

25 tooth pinion gear for stock racing


Savox SA-1258TG Standard Digital "High Speed" Titanium Gear Servo


    Light weight
    Coreless Motor provides high speed, incredible efficiency, and low power consumption
    The Aluminum Case design not only looks good but also allows for lower operating temperatures.
    Totally Green – from materials to production, these servos are environmentally friendly.
    Ideal as a steering servo for 1/10 surface applications, and as a aileron servo in gliders and airplanes that have thin wing profiles.

*NOTE: Certain combinations of receiver and ESC have been found to cause "Brown Out" issues when combined with Savox servos. An external BEC, or BEC stabilizing receiver capacitor may be needed for efficient, glitch free operation in low voltage electric applications.


flysky GT3B Remote control and receiver

FHDS (Automatic Frequency Hopping Digital System), is developed by FLYSKY for all the Radio Control model lovers and is patented by FLYSKY. The system is specially developed for all the radio control models, that offers super active and passive anti-jamming capabilities, very low power consumption and high receiver sensitivity. With extreme rigorous testing by engineers and studying the markets for years, FLYSKY AFHDS is now considered to be the one of the best systems available on the market.

2.4GHz is the standard of new generation radio system because it has a lot of advantages. Operating at 2.4 GHz puts the radio control out of the frequency range of any 'noise' generated by the other electronic components on your helicopter - such as the brushless motors, electronic speed controller, servos and any metal to metal noise, eliminating interference and glitching that can affect traditional frequency systems.

Key Features
Model Memory
Servos NOR/REV
Steering Trim
Throttle Trim
Dual Rate
End Point
ABS Settings
EXP Settings
Trainer Port (for VRC)
CE & FCC certified


240v/12v lipo balance charger (fast charge)

The GT Power High Performance Charger C607D AC/DC 7amp 80w is a simple yet powerful dual input multi-functional charger with built in Lithium polymer balancing (JST-XH) for up to 6S 22.2v high voltage Lithium batteries. the c607d is packed with features that exceeds many higher cost units.
Primarily designed for Lithium Polymer (LiPo, Li-Poly, LiHV) batteries, it can also charge Li-Ion, Li-Fe (A123M1), Ni-Cd, Ni-MH, and Pb (lead acid) batteries. The c607d can also charge new high voltage lipo battery's.


This charger has been approved to be sold in Australia

    Capacity Limit
    Maximum safety
    Temperature monitoring
    Input power monitoring
    Easy to program buttons
    5 battery memory
    Individual cell monitoring
    2-Line Back lit LCD display
    Built in Balancer to 6S packs
    Cycle charging/discharging
    Includes "FAST" & "STORAGE" Li-xx programs
    Battery internal resistance tester

Product Details
    Output 80W
    Discharge 5W
    Balancing current 300mAh/cell
    Operating input voltage : 10 - 18V DC or 100-240V AC
    Ni-Cad / Ni-MH : 1 - 15 Cells
    Li-Ion / Li-Po / Li-Fe / LiHV : 1 - 6 Series
    Charge current : 0.1 - 7.0A
    Discharging current: 0.1 - 1.0A
    PB / Lead Acid : 2 - 20V
    Built in Cell Ballancer : Up to 6S (series) Li-Po (JST-XH connectors)
    No. of Cycles : Up to 5 Cycles

charge leads and plugs

lipo safe bag

Keep your lipo battery's in this lipo safe charge bag. All ways charge your lipo battery's in a lipo safe bag  and never leave unattended when charging.

  • High quality
  • large size
  • store your lipos

mylaps RC4 transponder

The Mylaps RC4 Hybrid Transponder is used for timming at your local rc track. Each time you cross the loop or also known as the finish line the transponder counts a lap telling you how many laps you do in one race and what your average and fastest laps also.


RC transponders help you to track lap times and give better insight in your performance. They also measure the connected voltage and ambient car temperature. The Mylaps RC4 Hybrid transponder is compatible with older MYLAPS systems. It will provide you with a wide range of practice and race locations.


please not painted body and installed wheels and tires on the car do not come in this kit they are for illustration only. car will need assembling and body will need to be painted.

SKU ch-rc-b74
Brand Team Associated

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