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R/C Car Repair Centre

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RC Car Repair Centre
We’ve got this!
When your RC car goes down, we’ll get it back up and running. Get your Radio control car repaired at the premier RC Car repair centre in Sydney.
As an authorised repairer for major RC car brands, and with 35 years of experience, our team at Campbelltown Hobbies can help get you back out and racing - swiftly and with no fuss. We’re familiar with all the popular brands. We have access to genuine parts, and we have the skills and know-how to effect your RC car’s needed repairs. So, relax – we’ve got this!

These are some of the well-known brands we repair and service:

What will my repairs cost?
We charge a very reasonable forty dollars per hour for repairs and servicing. Price will vary depending on the damage and condition of your model and the cost of needed parts. But because we know what we’re doing, we get most repairs and work done in a short, economical time frame.

Free Quotes
At Campbelltown Hobbies we don’t charge you for a quote, so you can feel safe to speak to us about what you need without the ‘meter running’. We’ll take a look at your RC car’s condition and provide our estimate on repair costs, for free.

Pick-up and Delivery
If you can’t get to us in person we can arrange for pickup and/or delivery if you just cover the shipping costs.

Warranty Claims
Whether under warranty or not, we’re here to help, even when you’ve purchased your model elsewhere. Campbelltown Hobbies completes RC car warranty claims if you can produce your original purchase receipt from us or any authorised Australian supplier.

As warranty claim policies vary with each brand, we’ll tell you what we can and can’t do if you purchased your car from a different store. We charge a basic fifty dolalr fee for warranty claims if the car was not purchased from our store.

We look after repairs to nitro, petrol and electric RC cars, plus we offer the following additional services:


  • Engine break-ins.
  • Kit building.
  • RC car cleaning.
  • Battery checks.
  • Nitro engine tuning


Please call us now for a free quote and or to discuss your RC Car needs – (02) 4626 8300