RC Car Bling

We have a great range of Shiny parts to make your car stand out from the rest of the pack. Some of the items we have are washers, wing buttons, bolts, nuts and many more new exciting parts comming soon.


Many colors available in each product range.

  • 1/10 wing buttons
  • 1/8 wing buttons
  • M3 Countersink Washer
  • M4 Countersink Washer
  • M5 Countersink Washer
  • M3 Button Head Screw Washer
  • M3 Shock Tower Washer
  • M4 Cap Head Screw Washer
  • 1/10th M4 Serrated Wheel Nut
  • 1/10th M4 Serrated Shallow Wheel  Nut
  • Aluminum Serrated Flange Lock Nut M3
  • Aluminum Serrated Flange Lock Nut M4