Adelaide Radio Controlled Raceway


Here you will information about Adelaide Radio Controlled Raceway 

Such as major events and tires that are suited to the track surface


Control Tyres:(for driven wheels)

  • 4WD and 2WD Buggy rear tyres: Pro-line HoleShot 2.0 M3 (8206-02)
  • 4WD Buggy front tyres: Pro-line HoleShot 2.0 M3 (8207-02)
  • Stadium Truck rear tyres: Pro-line HoleShot Truck M3 (8192-02)
  • 2WD Short Course Truck rear tyres: Pro-line HoleShot SCT M3 (1180-02)

Buggy Tyres:$19.95 pair

Truck Tyres: $26.99 pair

  • All control tyres must use the inserts that are included in the package
  • The manufacturers tyre compound identification dot must be visible for scrutineering and therefore it is recommended a small dot of glue be placed over it for protection. 
  • Pickup options at event can be organised please contact us on 0246268300 or email us 



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