Keilor Electric Off Road Car Association Inc.

Here you can order your Control Tyres for the 2020 RCRA Victorian EP Off Road Championships.  Later we will be updating this page to compounds that suit the KEORCA track surface.


2020 RCRA Victorian EP Off Road Championships


Control Tyres:(for driven wheels)

  • 4WD and 2WD Buggy rear tyres: pr8256-03 Proline Positron 2.2" M4 Super Soft Off-Road Buggy Rear Tires
  • 4WD Buggy front tyres: pr8258-03 Proline Positron 2.2" 4WD M4 Super Soft Off-Road Buggy Front Tires
  • Stadium Truck rear tyres: pr8262-03 Proline Positron T 2.2" M4 (Super Soft) Off-Road Truck Tires (2) for Front or Rear (with closed cell foam)
  • 2WD Short Course Truck rear tyres: pr10137-03 POSITRON SC 2.2-3.0 M4 S-SOFT TYRES WITH CLOSED CELL INSERTS


  • All control tyres must use the inserts that are included in the package
  • The manufacturers tyre compound identification dot must be visible for scrutineering and therefore it is recommended a small dot of glue be placed over it for protection. 
  • Pickup options at event can be organised please contact us on 0246268300 or email us 



For more information on 1/10 off-road racing In Australia please look at the link below

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