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  • Walkera F210 Bind and fly Racing Drone Racing Drones

The Walkera f210 is now available in bind and fly so you can bind it to your own Compatible Transmitter.

The Walkera F210 is the fastest racing drone from Walkera at the moment. It has quickly become one of the most popular units for beginner and intermediate racers, thanks to its totally modular design both structurally and electronically, allowing for 100% soldering iron and specialty tool free maintenance and repair. The unit is ideal for both LOS (Line of Sight), and FPV (First Person View) racing. The included Ultralight 700 TVL camera will capture and transmit live video to a Devo F7 or F12E transmitter with built in video screen, or best of all FPV Goggles for a totally immersive and glare free experience any time of the day or night. One of the greatest elements of the F210 is that its camera is a night vision capable system, allowing pilots to comfortably race through twilight and into the dark. Flight time with the included battery type is 8-9 minutes. This is a complete Ready to Race package.

After years of research Walkera has developed its own flight platform, using the same modular construction techniques as seen through the entire Walkera racer range to maximise ease of which you can quickly upgrade, maintain or repair your craft. The entire system has been passionately designed and engineered to give you the greatest combination of performance, usability and enjoyment. All with striking aesthetics and a completely modular construction for an all round better racer.

The equidistant rotor axis and bow-armed design incorporated into the frame ensures maximum agility and flexibility, whilst making handling more predictable, safer and faster. Easily replace components without the hassle of specialty tools. With an ultra high hertz rate ESC and F3D flight controller, you can easily increase top speed capabilities as your skill level increases.

Brushless motors with integrated quick release landing gear & motor covers help the F210 to pass several rigorous durability, reliability as well as temperature & humidity tests, to make Walkera’s strongest racing craft to date. The bow shaped arms, shock reduction construction techniques and break-away landing gear all contribute to help you keep flying, even after intense crashes.

Pilots can fine tune the performance of the flight controller to meet their exact parameter requirements, or to meet differing global standards of competition.

The F210’s camera is night vision capable for twilight and night time racing with confidence. The camera is also the widest angle system made form Walkera giving the pilot greater orientation, and greatly reducing the chance of impact with another racer or object. Use the adjustable pitch on the unit to set the camera according to the attitude of the craft and whether you’re flying for sport or fun.


  •     Remote not included
  •     700 TVL Night Vision Capable Camera
  •     370g Weight excluding Battery
  •     Quick Release Landing Skids
  •     Completely Modular Design
  •     100% Solder Free Repair
  •     100% Carbon Fibre Frame
  •     210mm Racing Class
  •     Front LED Lights

What you need

  • compatible transmitter

Please feel free to contact our friendly staff at Campbelltown Hobbies at any time for questions and or technical advice. When buying from us you can have confidence knowing that you have purchased from a retail store that offers great quality products at realistic prices and while at the same time offering the best customer service. We believe that our superior service over our competitors is what makes us stand out from the rest and we are so confident in our service to you that once you have dealt with us you will never go anywhere else.

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Walkera F210 Bind and fly Racing Drone

  • Brand: Walkera
  • Product Code: f210-bnf
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  • $480.00

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