Peter Eggleton 2020 Campbelltown Hobbies Team Driver

On: 11 December 2019 

Campbelltown hobbies would like to welcome and Thank Peter Eggleton for signing with Campbelltown hobbies, CHR for the 2020 RC Racing season. 


My journey into The world of RC racing


As a young boy I have found memory’s of watching my late brother build and race his 1986 Tamiya Bigwig and Schumacher CAT, The smell of Hot brushed motors and plastic parts trees all over the place still  makes me smile.


Fast forward 30 years and I emigrated to Australia from the Uk, one Christmas I happened to notice a RTR $400 1/8th nitro buggy and thought that looks fun, The learning curve of nitro was steep but I mastered it and ended up helping lots of other local guys get their nitros up and running too.


I noticed an add for a Race day at Coffs Harbor in the showground and a new club was forming, so off I went with me nitro and met up with a group of guys and girls who shared my interest in RC


We drove and crashed and laughed and laughed.  That was the start of a new chapter  of racing RC and something im so glad I did.


Ive been racing for around 4 years now id say and I now race 2 to 4 times a month locally and all up and down the east coast.


I only race XRAY rc kits in both 1/10th and 1/8th classes, I find the XRAY kits to be extremely durable and competitive and easy to set up, I Became part of the XRAY racing team here in Australia about three years ago and that was very proud moment. Along with Xray kits I also use and recommend Hobby wing electronics, Hudy tools and oils , Proline tyres, Fx nitro engines and all my kits Run PLAIG bearings.


I always enjoy helping others at the track with setup tips and repairs, in fact I always carry extra spares and parts for that very reason, seeing club racers get faster and finding their car easier to drive makes me feel awesome, I pride myself on being approachable and helpful


My highlights of my Racing career include taking both 2nd in 2wd 1/10th buggy and 2nd in 4wd 1/10th buggy at the NSW state titles last year and then earning a drive at the prestigious Keilor Invitational race this year.


Ive met some of my now closest friends through the hobby and im so glad that I took that first buggy to the track


In the Future I will continue to compete in national and local events but also spend more time helping my 6 year old son Phoenix with his race craft and knowledge his driving is getting very consistent and he shows huge passion and skill for the Hobby 


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