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Take to the Waters!

It’s a pure delight to go down to the waters and launch your radio controlled boat and race or manoeuvre it by remote.

Our petrol and electric boats for sale are more than just the latest technology in popular equipment. They make for fun activities and enjoyable times in the fresh air and the great outdoors. Operating R.C. Boats (Radio Control Boats) – whether petrol or electric RC – is a perfect hobby for sharing good times with friends or family and creating happy memories for years to come.

From electric radio control boats to petrol R.C. boats, you’ll find the models you want here at Campbelltown Hobbies. Browse our listings for the latest models and tried and true favourites to take to the waters and test your skills!

Our R.C. boat models are suitable for both fresh water and salt water use.

…And if speed is your thing, ask us about our high speed boat models. You might be surprised to know some of them can reach 100 km per hour and more! Build your hobby skills and handle the ultimate power of our top-of-the-range watercraft.

Our experienced staff members are happy to provide the assistance and support to get you up and racing. Give us a call on (02) 46268300 or drop in at Campbelltown Hobbies, 254 Queen Street, Campbelltown, NSW if you’d like to know more.



Connecting pipe






Copper Pipe






PC board (red)


PC board (yellow)










Waterproof ring


waterproof ring


Drive shaft


PC board




Propeller (use AT-040)


udirc boat rtr