Wet & Dirty RC Cars

On: 23 October 2023 

Preventing Damage to Your RC Car from Moisture

One common mistake that can wreak havoc on your RC car is neglecting to properly clean and dry it after it encounters moisture or mud. While it's clear that submerging your RC car in water is a big no-no, it's worth noting that even waterproof models can handle a bit of moisture. However, this is only acceptable if you follow up with a thorough cleaning and drying process.

Ensuring the longevity of your RC car or truck is a straightforward task. To begin, remove the tires and carefully unseal the vent holes to allow proper ventilation. The bulk of the drying process can be accomplished using soft towels and Q-Tips. For those hard-to-reach spots, consider employing a can of compressed air or an air compressor to expel any lingering moisture. This precautionary measure will effectively prevent rust or corrosion on metal components and keep your vehicle running smoothly.

Additionally, don't forget to inspect your ball bearings; they might have become gritty and require re-lubrication with specialized bearing oil. And lastly, pay special attention to the two bearings within your motor. Regular maintenance in this regard can significantly extend the life of your RC car.


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