Campbelltown Hobbies Racing, Kane and Sash Race report 2/2/2020

On: 6 February 2020 

Kane and Sash had their second race day at Knox for the year and they are getting quicker every time they race with the adults.

They are both very competitive with each other and they kept on taking each other out (brothers☹)

In saying this, they both made the A-mains and Kane finished 6th overall and sash 9th

Tires were challenging on Knox pure clay surface. We started with double dees for Q1 Hole shots M3 for the rest of qualify. Simon Healy lent us some slide job’s M4 and the XB2 was more planted with the right amount of grip.

Michael Snedden and Simon Healy has been the biggest helpers since I’ve started racing and the coaching tips to my boys are much appreciated.

Thanks to Campbelltown hobbies for all the on-field support.


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