Team Orion batteries, chargers, motors, ESC

Team Orion® is a world-renowned manufacturer of World Championship winning batteries, chargers, motors and ESCs. Since their first release in 2012, the Swiss brand’s Vortex R10 and R10.1 Pro ESC have dominated almost every major off-road event worldwide

#CRF B321 Factory Team Buggy


#CRF T522 Factory Truggy


1/8 Vortex MR8 Combo 2400kv


14.8v 2300mah 55c Xt60 Drone Lipo

$74.95 0% off RRP

AA Batteries 2700mah (4)


Back Plate Screws 21/22


Buggy Turbo plug Cold BT5


Con rod suit CRF R21 on road


Connecting Rod ABI Alpha 12


CRF 2016 R21 V2 on road engine


CRF Alpha 21 Airscrew


Exhaust gasket suit 21


Front Bearing 7mm Off-road