FMS Models

FMS was founded in January 2007 and for the past 10 years, it has developed from a small unknown factory with only 20 employees and only 1000 m², to a large worldwide 8000 m² manufacturing powerhouse currently employing over 150 employees. We are specialists in RC Aircraft, Parts and Accessories. With our well-experienced, powerful and dedicated design team, we are committed to developing and distributing products of the highest quality to lovers of Radio Control Aircraft. FMS offers a wide assortment of top quality, affordable RC planes in popular scale configurations including Warbirds, Trainers / Beginner Planes, Gliders and more

#12A ESC 900mm Red Dragonfly


#35A ESC Strega P-51 1100mm


#50A (430mm input cable) ESC


#50A ESC Swift




#Alpha EDF 70mm PNP


#Cessna 182 1100mm PNP Red


#Edge 540 1300mm Blue PNP


#KV1300 Motor


#KV1550 Motor


#Propeller Blade Sbach 342


#Spinner for 2300mm ASW28


#Zero A6M3 1400mm Grey PNP


17g Digital Metal Gear Servo


We Recommend

PA-18 Super Cub 1700mm PNP


Cowl Critical Mass


F16C V2 70mm DF Jet PNP