FMS Models

FMS was founded in January 2007 and for the past 10 years, it has developed from a small unknown factory with only 20 employees and only 1000 m², to a large worldwide 8000 m² manufacturing powerhouse currently employing over 150 employees. We are specialists in RC Aircraft, Parts and Accessories. With our well-experienced, powerful and dedicated design team, we are committed to developing and distributing products of the highest quality to lovers of Radio Control Aircraft. FMS offers a wide assortment of top quality, affordable RC planes in popular scale configurations including Warbirds, Trainers / Beginner Planes, Gliders and more

#12A ESC 900mm Red Dragonfly


#35A ESC Strega P-51 1100mm


#50A (430mm input cable) ESC


#50A ESC Swift




#Alpha EDF 70mm PNP


#Cessna 182 1100mm PNP Red


#Edge 540 1300mm Blue PNP


#KV1300 Motor


#KV1550 Motor


#Propeller Blade Sbach 342


#Spinner for 2300mm ASW28


#Zero A6M3 1400mm Grey PNP


17g Digital Metal Gear Servo


3648 Motor Shaft Edge 540


64mm fan unit only 11 blades


80mm 12 Blade Ducted fan


9g Servo Reverse


Aileron set to suit 2m Extra


Air Speed Head F2G


Battery Cover 1400mm FW190


We Recommend

PA-18 Super Cub 1700mm PNP


F16C V2 70mm DF Jet PNP