Carisma Racing CRF-GT Pagani Zonda R 1/10 2wd Assembly Kit - CRS77668


Product Information

The first in a series of limited edition vehicles based on this exciting new chassis design is the CRF-GT Pagani Zonda Racing kit. Get the superb design looks of the full scale version combined with the RC know how that Carisma can provide.  

Drawing inspiration from some of the greatest vehicles ever raced, driven and designed Carisma Racing is constantly striving to bring you the RC version of the best that the automotive industry can achieve. Pagani is one of the newer names in the automotive industry and since 1992 the supercars produced by this Italian manufacturer have given the more established players in the high end of the car market a lot to think about. The Pagani Zonda R has always been a Carisma favourite and they bring you an RC supercar version that will do its full-scale counterpart justice.

The Carisma CRF-GT Pagani Zonda R Racing Kit has some big shoes to fill. Having clocked the fastest ever lap at the revered Nurburgring on 30 June 2010 of 6 minutes 47 seconds the Pagani Zonda R established some serious credibility. This RC version pays homage with a level of scale detail that is truly remarkable in its attention to the tiniest features.

There will be a limited edition run of 500 units only of the Carisma CRF-GT Pagani Zonda R Racing Kit. Made under license from HORACIO PAGANI S.P.A., Italy and exclusively numbered, the body shell on the Pagani will be the most realistic looking in Carisma Racing’s history. In order to replicate the full-scale Zonda R’s dry carbon look Carisma have screen printed the body panels on the Carisma CRF-GT Pagani Zonda R Racing Kit in order to give it the superb and authentic look that is only available on these limited edition RC supercars. To faithfully replicate some of the features Carisma have injection moulded the spoilers, wing mirrors and aerodynamic additions that you will see on the full-scale version.

The CRF-GT Explained

Carisma Racing has developed the CRF platform that shares the innovation and quality associated with its 2WD race chassis but with some added features. You will still get the easy to use tuning options and geometry adjustment options but the Carisma CRF-GT Pagani Zonda R Racing Kit also features an innovative battery hold-down mechanism and the addition of a front bumper. With the limited edition number laser engraved into the chassis of your Carisma CRF-GT Pagani Zonda R Racing Kit you will have one seriously good looking car plus a collectable icon of recent automotive history.


What's In The Box

  • Numbered CRF-GT CF Race Chassis Kit
  • Fully Licensed Pagani Zonda Body
  • Race Spec Ball Diff As Standard


What You Need

  • Transmitter and receiver
  • Servo
  • ESC
  • Motor
  • Battery
  • Wheels
  • Tyres
  • Charger
  • Paint
  • Threadlock
  • Tools



  • Aircraft grade composite and alloy components
  • Race chassis is full carbon fibre
  • Bulkhead design is uniquely set up to accommodate multiple set ups and easy tuning
  • Innovative side shock sliders on rear pivot pod with optional Dual-stage suspension setup
  • Fully adjustable geometry in order to customise to surface and track conditions
  • Superb scale detail with screen printed polycarbonate body that replicates the matt/dry carbon look of the full sized version
  • Zero to 14 degrees castor adjustment achieved through changing one shim
  • Additional shims allow for adjusting camber from –3 to as much positive as you need
  • Changing shims under the front end assembly gives you adjustable ride height
  • Add shims under the top arms for adjustable roll centre
  • Smooth movement and increased durability provided by metal pivot balls
  • Upper aluminium arm mounts for stability and durability
  • Reactive castor (5 degrees) built in for increased steering
  • Fully detailed decal sheet included
  • Lightweight aluminium two-piece bulkheads
  • Accepts 1/12th scale centre shock springs and all 14mm hex wheels
  • Three positions possible from the adjustable Ackermann setting
  • Two different wheelbase settings plus steering lock stops
  • Rear axle has carbon brace for increased durability
  • Two steering link mounting positions for the durable steering blocks
  • Tough ball differential with built in thrust race
  • Centre pivot angles increased to allow for huge pod movement minimising the effect of bumps and rough tracks
  • Many wheel and tyre options available with an extra long front wheel axle
  • Single pivot dual ball aluminium steering bell crank
  • Dual stage suspension
  • Tuneable side damper tubes with oil filled coil over springs
  • Steering lock stops.


Product Specifications

  • Drivetrain: 2WD
  • Scale: 1/10

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