Club Coins

Campbelltown hobbies Club Coins

The team at Campbelltown hobbies believe in supporting the customers and clubs who support us. For our customers, we currently have loyalty rewards points that are earned on every order that can be used on your next purchase or saved up for later.

Since we opened our store in 2016, we have sponsored a lot of events and clubs around Australia with cash donations and raffle prizes that the clubs have been able to use for upgrades to their facilities and we are not stopping there. Campbelltown hobbies are excited to bring you club coins, you ask what are club coins and how does it work? Club coins are earned for the club of your choice, every time you order through our online store. These coins are then transferred every month over to your club’s account on Campbelltown hobbies that can then be used to purchase products that the club can use for raffles and guessing competitions to raise money for facility upgrades.

For your club to receive their club coins they must have an account with Campbelltown hobbies that can be opened by the club’s treasurer and a Campbelltown hobbies banner on display at Race events. Be sure to check with your club and make sure they are registered with Campbelltown hobbies club coins and have a banner on display and if they are not, ask them why??? Help Campbelltown hobbies build our hobby for the future.


Clubs conditions of use for club coins.

Products purchased using club coins must be used for fundraising for club thru a raffle or some sort of giveaway/fundraising program. Not to be for individual gain.

When the product is given away to the end owner, the club must take pictures of the product and winner. A post to be put on both the clubs Facebook page and Campbelltown Hobbies page, acknowledging Campbelltown Hobbies and Tagging Michael Snedden.


Campbelltown Hobbies Has the right to cease club coins for any club if it is seen by management that the coins aren’t being used to within the rules.