Milton RC CHR Team Driver's, Keilor invite race report

On: 15 February 2020 

Milton RC CHR Team Driver's, Keilor invite race report

Once again February rolls around and we travel to Melbourne to race at one of our favourite venues in Australia , Keilor for the Invitational.
As always , great people , great track and awesome racing. Keilor never disappoints.
This year both Troy and Myself competed  in the open race, Troy in 2wd and 4wd modified and myself after a 3 year absence in 4wd stock. 
Friday’s practise was great getting the cars dialled for the racing ahead. Track was grippy and flowing.
Saturday - Troys day started well qualifying in 2nd overall for the finals. Some close racing between Simon Healy Claude Camilleri and Troy  in the 7 min final with Simons car throwing a spur to let Troy and Claude battle for the Number 1 spot. 
Troy unfortunately made an error over the triple in the dying min to let Claude through for the win, but the little man drove exceptional through the day and deserved the win. 
Sunday - After having the car dialled in on the practise day ( so we thought ) Troy was sitting in 6th for the final . A bad tyre choice going to bars too early in the day meant a bad finish in Q1 . 
Q2 wasn’t any better with a front wheel locking up under braking. ( turns out to be a missing crush tube ) Q3 . Going well , until a snapped shock shaft . So down to a 2 man final in the B group , unfortunately Troys motor fan stopped working and due to thermal shut off he had a DNF. 
On the positive side we now realise how important maintenance is on your cars . 
Onwards and upwards from now on . Bring on the Vic titles . 
I would like to thank everyone for the hospitality and help over the weekend especially Micheal from Campbelltown Hobbies , Ray Munday for tips and Nath Builds for the quick soldering job. 

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