Nathan Facciol 2020 Campbelltown hobbies team driver

On: 27 November 2019 

The Team here at Campbelltown hobbies would like to welcome and Thank Nathan Facciol for signing with Campbelltown hobbies, CHR for the 2020 RC Racing season. 

Nathan Facciol

My journey in RC racing:

Before I did RC racing as sport/hobby. I played, little Athletics, EDFL footy, swimming, tennis and cross country. I have always been involved with RCs for most of my life, starting off with a HSP on-road which was Nitro to a traxxas 4 tec to a traxxas slash. My racing journey started about 4-5 years ago. Attend my first ever race in 2016 (keilor cup) and from then the President at the time sold me his Team Associated B5M. I Started racing in 2017 and from that point onwards I knew this is what I wanted to do. So I gave up my sports which I started at a very young age. I Started of in 21.5T class which only last a few race meets then went to 17.5T junior class which I managed to get 2nd place at my first event which was the Wodonga Dirt GP, then going on to get podium placing at almost every major event I attended. Then moved on to stock in 2018. Now I’m racing in both Modified classes and loving every moment of it. My results: Junior class- 2nd at Wodonga Dirt GP, 2nd over all in the VDS series, 3rd place at the Vic state titles, 1st at the Keilor Cup, won the club day series. Stock class- 3rd place both classes at the Keilor Invite, top 10 in 4WD at the Vic state titles, top 10 in 13.5T at the Nationals, top 10 in the VDS series. Top 15 at the SA state titles, 1st in both classes at the Knox summer series, 3rd in 2WD at Keilor invite 2019 Modified Class- Top 10 at Tasmania in both classes, top 10 in the VDS series, Top 15 at the VICs (first major event in modified)

Gear I use:

I use the Team Associated B6.1D and B74 they are great cars wouldn’t use anything else. Tyres Jconcepts rubber and accessories. Electronics Reedy motors, ESCs and servos. I use the IP 6000mAh batteries as they are very reliable and gets the job done nicely. I use Schelle items especially their slipper clutch, stand offs, bearings, wing buttons, pro built diffs, pistons. I use XTR oils they come in either 100mL or 200mL bottles and use there grease, I wouldn’t use anything else. I plan to use and test more products in the future.

Other info:

I do all the wenching on my cars by myself and love knowing and learning what different changes make the car feel like on the track. My Goals for the future: My highest goal is to attend the 2021 ifmar worlds in the USA and represent Australia, get to know more people and help out new racers and be a good ambassador for the companies I represent


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