Shelby Bloss 2020 Campbelltown Hobbies Team Driver

On: 11 December 2019 

Campbelltown hobbies would like to welcome and Thank Shelby Bloss for signing with Campbelltown hobbies, CHR for the 2020 RC Racing season. 

Brands used,

Team Associated B6.1d,

Reedy 510r esc

Hobbywing v10 7.5t

Savox servo

Reedy zappers SG2 Battery

JConcept tyres


Team Associated B74

Reedy 510r esc

Reedy 8.5t

Savox servo

Reedy zappers SG2 Battery

JConcept tyres



2wd Mod & 4wd Mod.

What I like to do

My hobbies and interests are athletics, water sports such as wakeboarding and knee boarding etc. and of course RC racing.

What got me into RC

At the age of 10 my next door neighbour had an RC car and It looked really cool so I decided to try it out. Later on I decided to ask my dad if I could get one and later on found out my dad got me one. We drove to the Keilor RC track and met a lot of great people! We started to practice over and over again and realised that we aren’t half bad, then my dad went out and bought me a second hand B5m (my first race buggy), I started to race in junior and really enjoyed it, i ended up winning several consecutive club days, so dad decided to move me into stock. I spent a couple months racing stock class, eventually qualifying for A mains and doing very well. My dad and myself then thought it was time to give mod a go. We started to race a lot of club days in the mod field and i really enjoy it, I have been getting better and better and hope to make some A main finals at state level this year, there are so many things I love about this sport like the competition, the friendships, the ability to help others and most of all the fun.



Knox Cup 3rd place Junior

Polistena Cup 3rd place Junior

Victorian drivers series 3rd overall junior

Victorian state titles 3rd Junior

Arcr Australian national titles 8th overall



Keilor invitational 2nd place Junior (last event in Junior)


I have also been gifted some very special awards,

James Ainslie designed body (Sportsmanship award)

Euro’s champion body from Jean Pierrick Sartel (Sportsmanship award)

Signed Photo and TShirt from Masami Hirosaka (Marshalling Award)

Team Associated B6d From Andrew Selvaggi (Pay it forward encouragement award)


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