Camden Camilleri 2020 Campbelltown Hobbies Team Driver

On: 28 November 2019 

The Team here at Campbelltown hobbies would like to welcome and Thank Camden Camilleri for signing with Campbelltown hobbies, CHR for the 2020 RC Racing season. 

Name: Camden Camilleri

 Age 10

Country: Austalia            State: Victoria

Facebook page: Claude Camden Camilleri RC Racer (

Type of RC Racing: : 1/10 electric off road,

Class/s: Currently racing 2wd Modified, 4wd Modified, Stadium Truck

Car details:

Team Associated - B6.1D, B64D, T5M – currently building new B74


B6.1D 2WD                                                                                        B64D 4WD

Motor: 7.5t V3 Team Powers Actinium                Motor: 5.5t V3 Team Powers Actinium

ESC: Randon Pro V4                                                      ESC: Randon Pro V3

Servo: TP-DS1305-V2                                  Servo: Savox 1258

Battery: Intellect 6000MAH                                       Battery: Intellect 6000MAH

Preferred tires are J Concepts                   Preferred tires are J Concepts

Body: JConcepts P2                                                       Body: JConcepts F2


Motor: 7.5t V3 Team Powers Actinium

ESC: Randon Pro V3

Servo: Savox 1258

Battery: Intellect 6000MAH

Preferred tires are J Concepts

Body: Standard T5M Team Associated

My hobbies and interests are Karate (Brown Belt – black bar), Swimming (currently on the final level before getting my swimming diploma) and RC Racing

I started driving RC Cars at the age of 6, My brother, dad and I would race at Keilor Off Road RC Track when the weather allowed us to. In September 2017, we traveled to Knox for a race (first time trying another track) This is where it all truly began. From this meet we started to race weekly. In January 2018 we started our Facebook page as a way to document our progress, like a diary, but one that others can follow. 2018 was a great year for us. Later in the year my mum also started racing with us making it even better. Our holidays became RC holidays. We travelled to many different tracks for the first time (Wodonga, Mildura, Adelaide and Shepparton) raced in many big events and made many new friends. I learnt a lot and had a ball. It was also the year I started to drive stadium truck, and ran in the stock class for club events.

In 2018, I ran in many club meets – in Keilor and Knox as they run alternative weeks  (1st and 3rd week Knox, 2nd and 4th Keilor)– a post has been written for all of these as it is great to look back at our journey. I also ran all the bigger events in Victoria and the Nationals in Adelaide.


I do my own wrenching (building and maintaining my cars) as it helps me learn how things work. I am currently experimenting with car set up, finding out how changes affect the buggies, finding out what works at what track, I also love helping beginners and others with there cars on and off the track. I really enjoy it when other kids come see RC Racing for the first time and come up to me to ask questions and I am able to answer their questions.

Next years goal is to improve my driving, continue to learn set ups so I can get into the A-main in the Australian National,

Long term goal – Race at the Worlds, help to promote this great sport, share my experience with others and continue to enjoy it with my family and friends.


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